About Me

I’m an independent project consultant, coach, advisor

…some would say ‘project problem solver’ or ‘project doctor’.

When it comes to helping organisations struggling with issues like conflicting priorities, lack of control, failed delivery or poor leadership, I rapidly assess symptoms, diagnose root causes, and prescribe the right treatment plan to bring projects back to health.

An experienced project practitioner you can rely on to bring results.

For over 20 years I have walked many project journeys mostly in government and universities as a Project Coordinator, Business Analyst, Project Manager, PMO Manager and Program Director. I’ve planned and delivered programs with a responsibility of $20M capital and $10M operational budgets.

Yes, I’ve rolled up my sleeves, got my hands dirty and have the battle scars to prove it.

Yes, I’ve learned from my mistakes and celebrated many successes with great teams.

Now I’m pleased to share what I know – a fresh approach to project management.


  • your projects aren’t performing as expected
  • your Project Managers aren’t providing the reports you need
  • there’s a lack of understanding on what to do next
  • you seem to experience the same problem over and over again
  • there’s potential for loss of credibility or reputation
  • you need clarity and direction on how to do more with less…

…I provide a plan of action to overcome your challenges and help you realise the full value of your investment.

Integration is key, see the big picture

Big projects have many moving parts – and that makes room for some pretty big mistakes. I’ve seen more projects than I care to remember threaten to fail or self-sabotage due to poor planning.

Since projects are an ecosystem of inter-related elements, invariably missed objectives happen when there’s misalignment between People, Process, and Technology. You can have leading-edge technology, but if your processes and people aren’t performing, your project will fail.

I take a dashboard view; I look at the big picture. I unearth each missing puzzle piece and shape the right solution. Armed with key information on overall project metrics and my action-based recommendations, organisations have all they need to drive the right result.

Leadership is action, not a position

With hundreds of thousands of dollars spent getting project managers certified, clients often ask me, ‘Why do our projects still fail?‘. My answer is this – because training doesn’t make projects work, people do.

Dysfunctional leadership of a team unsure of the rules won’t make for a great result.

Robust questioning and facilitation is necessary to uncover who or what’s standing in the way. This can mean shaking things up, challenging perspectives and the status quo – new people or ways of working may be what’s required to improve project performance.

Risk mitigation, project assurance

Whether it’s to identify a project-related issue, fill an expertise gap, provide advanced analysis to management, or coach your leaders, my skills combine experience, insights and advanced tools that aren’t readily available in most organisations.

My capabilities ensure all the critical elements of your project align, with special emphasis on key relationships.

The Project Ecosystem™ model secures the right conditions for your people and project to flourish and evolve.

Increase your next project’s chances of success.