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This workbook and listening to the episodes will give you:

* Strategies to plan and implement successful business projects *
* Insights from practical lessons of how to be a better people leader *
* Tips to take action and achieve great results *
* An understanding on process and technology solutions *
* Information that will inspire and challenge your thinking *

Reflect, focus, adapt.

If you are a business owner (2-200 staff) or team member wanting clarity in your decisions and confidence in your actions, then this workbook is for you.

All the episodes are within a framework

In 2017 I created The Project Ecosystem ® as a planning and implementation framework bringing together 20+ years of my project and change leadership experience – from ideas to results.

Season 1 episodes explore the challenges facing businesses as they navigate their way through the complexity of digital transformations.

Season 2 episodes explore the three business solution pillars – people, process and technology. Why and how to “simplify your systems to amplify your results”.

Reflecting on the first year, all 41 episodes are pieces in the complex digital world puzzle. I identified four key messages:

  • self leadership is the confidence key
  • teams experience success, not individuals
  • planning provides clarity in decisions
  • action gives us results

As you listen to one, more or all of the episodes I hope you use this workbook to jot dot your thoughts and take action to make a difference for you, your team or your business.

Why I created Laugh, Learn, Lead?

I’m not a fan of writing, maybe it’s an old belief I became addicted to during high school where my passion was with maths and science. My English teacher loved to read, I loved to play sport.

I had been listening to podcasts and enjoyed not only the content but the convenience to be able to listen while in the car, on public transport or going for a walk. With a few butterflies and thoughts of why would anyone want to listen to what I had to share. My self-doubt was massive and I did it anyway.

I’m so thankful I did.

One year on, I continue to learn and love my guest conversations and sharing our thoughts on issues to help others.

Phrases, sayings, conversations, quotes

In the workbook I share my favourite quote from each of my guests and provide tips to tick off as you implement them.

Listen to this snippet of our conversations as we explore the old, the new and the different.

If you want to listen to more episodes please click here to listen to all of the episodes.

Get a copy of the workbook delivered to your inbox by adding your details below

What others are saying about the podcast show

“informative and inspiring”

Great podcast JC! So many nuggets of wisdom, delivered in such an engaging way. It feels like I’m having a coffee with you and downloading your awesome experience.

“juicy and easy to digest”

Who would have thought you’d ever use those words to describe an information-heavy podcast but it’s true. JC whether providing her own knowledge, experience & practical applications or interview professionals for their insights – keeps it real, relatable and down to earth whilst providing you a massive secret “tool” in management toolkit with these podcasts.

“insights rich”

Fantastic podcast full of great insights, hints and tips for anyone involved in projects.

Hello I am Jeanette Cremor and you can call me JC.

I’m the creator of The Project Ecosystem ® and bring over 20 years of strategic planning, project management and operational analysis experience to my client engagements.

I help businesses (with 2-200 staff) get clear on priorities, overcome challenges, improve processes, implement systems and be better people leaders. I believe business projects are the change vehicles for convenience, consistency and connection in the digital world – we must simplify to amplify.

All my programs and workshops are interactive and provide practical lessons to learn, link and leverage who we are and what we want to achieve.

I am a highly experienced and sought-after educator and advisor who is engaged in the most challenging projects and complex problems. Some people say I have exceptional helicopter view and an ability to delve into the detail.

My biggest joy is spending time with my daughter and grand-daughter. I also indulge in sport, food and wine with friends.

Get a copy of the workbook delivered to your inbox by adding your details below