Ep40 Strategic Thinking During Chaos with JC

We’ve hit an iceberg in this case COVID-19, we knew it was around, we knew what to look for yet, we feel like we are sinking.

Our first reaction is do whatever we can to survive.

During chaos though it’s the strategic thinking and planning for recovery that gets us to safe waters.

In this episode Jeanette shares her two stages with you:

  • What to do now; and
  • What to do next

Simple right, well no. It’s tough and it’s uncomfortable – it will give you a sense of control and confidence to keep going.

What to do now:

Chaos management is doing what has to be done today for the safety of your staff and financial stability of your business.

  • What must continue, what can be paused and what can be stopped
  • Know your numbers
  • Communicate
  • Can we do something different
  • Map it out, tick it off and have a sense of progress

What to do next:

Recovery planning is not a one-step process, open the doors and our customers will return.

It’s a methodical process of vision and practical actions

  • Day 1
  • Week 1
  • Month 1
  • Month 3
  • Month 6
  • Month 12

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