Ep41 Business As Usual with JC

In the last episode, I talked about the two stages of strategic thinking during chaos – what to do now and what to do next.

No matter what we are feeling we are all searching for some sign of normality. We desire to be back in the form of business as usual.

In this episode, I will help you achieve your version of “business as usual” through planning your week ahead.

What is Business as Usual (dictionary definition)

“an ongoing and unchanging state of affairs despite difficulties and disturbances

Eg much of the town lost electricity in the storm, but for people with generators it was business as usual”

Create your new BAU with a weekly plan of:

  • Non-negotiables (family and me time)
  • Regular interactions with teams and clients (meetings, catch ups)
  • Must do list (emails and phone calls)
  • Thinking time and project work

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