Ep42 IT Architecture is for Everyone with Greg Hill

Welcome back Greg Hill who was my guest in Season 1, Episode 18 The Human Side of Transformation.

Although it may not seem the right time now to think about the systems supporting your business, it’s important you plan when you will review your landscape – costs, data and documentation. 

We talk about

  • How does business strategy and systems architecture fit together?
  • How can businesses go about setting their path if they are not sure if they should keep going or change direction? and
  • What is looking to shape our future system solutions?

He emphasises regular planning of business and technology milestones will not only save you time and money, it should be about how you work and the investing in the right solutions.

Greg has his own consulting firm, and works with SME to help them realise the benefits and challenges that lie ahead transforming to cloud based platforms.

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