Ep43 The old is new again with JC

When you look around, what do you see and hear from others as they get through their days in isolation?

I’m finding the old is new again.

The filters you apply to the information and things surrounding you is the key to thrive in difficult situations.  So, if we can thrive with what we already have, why do we want different or more?

It’s during difficult times when our values are tested.

Definition of Value/s

“principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important inlife”

Businesses that have values defined, understood, agreed and demonstrated the team feels connected to the strategic goals and thrive.

The three-step process to develop (and review) business values (reference Qld Government)

  1. Map your personal principles, beliefs and values under categories
  2. Reflect on the meaning of each value
  3. Translate your values into a set of guiding principles and standards of behaviours

Want to talk about values a bit more?

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As I mentioned above, here is the 3-step process to develop your business values – a great resource for your next planning day


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