Ep44 Permission to Receive with Melonie Taylor

Super delighted to have Melonie Taylor, Chief Energy Office and Author of Success on Purpose on this week’s episode.
Melonie helps hundreds of professionals on the verge of burnout discover the easy ways of reclaiming balance and success in life.
We talk about:
  • Melonie’s journey from nursing to Chief Energy Officer
  • What are limiting beliefs and how to surface them?
  • 7 steps for permission to receive workshop and three things to do every day
  • What she is finding people are mostly struggling with during isolation?
  • How she maintains her own energy levels while helping so many others.
As a Palliative Care Nurse for 20 years and through her own experience of burnout, anxiety and depression, Melonie learned that it is not sustainable to keep giving without receiving.
Productivity comes through alignment of strengths, values and having a clear focus and vision.
Melonie is a highly sought-after speaker. Her insights are backed by science and her tips are practical.

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