Ep46 Strengths & Self Sabotage

Do you every feel something is easy and other times it seems hard. It’s because we are either aligned or in conflict with our strengths.

For over 10 years I have invested in learning more about myself to be a better leader for others – my values, my beliefs, my strengths, my behaviours.

There are many tools available. I use DISC Profiles (a behaviours framework) when working with leaders and their teams.

Recently though I read an article by Emma Sharrock you may remember her from EP25 The Agile Project Manager.

She shared a personal story from 20 years ago, what strengths got her through that particular crisis. She uses the Gallup Strengths tools and in 2017 I completed my own assessment.

Our strengths are what we do with ease, excellence and energy.

Today’s episode I share my top five strengths according to the Gallup Strengths indicators:

  • Activator – can make things happen by turning thoughts into action
  • Arranger – can organise and determines how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity
  • Individualisation – are intrigued with unique qualities of each person, figuring out how different people can work together productively
  • Relator – enjoys close relationships with others and deep satisfaction in achieving goals
  • Responsibility – take psychological ownership of what they say they will do

Emma Sharrock from The Agile Project Manager prepared my Personal Insight matrix based on my results.

Take a look at the matrix and the corresponding profiles.

If you’re interested in connecting with Emma, you can find her here.

Thank you for subscribing and being part of my podcast family. We are moving to fortnightly episodes for a while.


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