Ep48 Future Proof You with Paula Kensington

It’s wonderful to have with me on this episode award-winning CFO and Business Futurist Paula Kensington.

She was awarded CFO of the Year (2013) in the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Excellence Awards and has driven huge business turnaround projects in her roles as CFO and COO in ASX technology companies and large UK and Internationally complex service businesses.

We talk about

  • Why she started her business
  • What “clarity is contagious – stop drifting, start strategising” means
  • The CFO conversations platform and what role a CFO plays
  • Her passion for building global communities and why we should find our tribe
  • How she maintains her energy levels while helping

Paula has gained considerable financial, operational and strategic management experience across many industries. She has spearheaded acquisitions, driving revenue and operational performance, inspiring teams to create shareholder value and empower leadership teams from the inside out.

Her business and personal language is all about creating courageous environments in which people feel inspired to reach their very best which together feels like a new way of working. Having walked the finance and commercial talk she leads with passion for both numbers and people, encouraging innovation while managing risk. Paula has her sights firmly fixed on the future, her mantra being how ‘future-proofed are you’.

In addition to her business, Paula serves on two Audit and Risk committees and on the Global Council Board of the ACCA (Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants). The work she does through these voluntary roles adds weight to her global change maker attitude enabling her to build global communities such as CFO Conversations and The LBD Group. Her passion to bring people together, to connect, be inspired and learn from each other creates environments in which professionals are able to pull together and succeed in a sustainable way.

Straight talking and often offering up unconventional perspectives, she leads with a conscientious, meticulous and eloquent mind. An unapologetic Business Futurist, Paula’s eye is never far off the horizon, anticipating what transformations could be game-changing – for both businesses and clients alike.

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