Ep50 Systems Health with Hazel Smirlis

We both love systems and have a science background. It is a special milestone episode 50 that I share with Hazel Smirlis, the CEO and Founder of Compliance Lab.

We talk about:

  • Her love for systems and her business – Compliance Lab;
  • What business owners can do to tackle the health of their systems, processes, standards;
  • The most common issues facing businesses when they attempt to systemise their operations; and
  • How she is visible on line to share with her clients.

Hazel lives, breathes and sleeps systems.

She has over 15 years’ experience working in systems compliance with SMEs helping them to develop and implement systems that reduce risk, improve their performance and drive business growth.

Hazel wants her clients to feel safe, risk-free and know that their business is structured in a way that will not only give them an edge in their industry but also help them secure future tenders.
She is results driven management systems consultant working with a number of clients in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Find out more about what Hazel and her team at Compliance Lab do to help their clients.

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