Ep04 Unpack with JC – Dana Ashe Interview

Last episode I caught up with Dana Ashe who is passionate about the transformation potential of technology and its ability to positively impact peoples’ lives. I’ve been fortunate to work for and with Dana on three occasions in IT logistics and Project Delivery.

Today I talk about what has and hasn’t changed in project management over the past 20 years.

What we do as project managers hasn’t changed, we must still plan the change, monitor budgets, organise resources, track schedules, report progress…

How we go about project management has changed:

  • Adoption of different methodologies
  • Engagement change model has moved from IT to the business
  • Resource management is a blend of virtual teams
  • Enterprise view of digital transformation over a long period of time with smaller steps delivering value along the way

JC Three Tips:

  1. Revisit your project’s purpose, the WHY, has the business case been updated?
  2. Review the change impact assessment, is it relevant?
  3. If you have any alarm bells going off, trust your yourself and ask for a governance meeting to get everyone on the same page.

My favourite Dana quote from our conversation ‘we need finance and business case agility to match our technology agility’.

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