Ep14 Programmer to Strategic Advisor (Part B) with Sam Higgins

In this episode I catch up with Sam Higgins, who has two decades of tactical and strategic experience in the application of information and communications technology (ICT) in diverse industries such as transport, financial services, and education.

This is a two-part episode.

We talk about:

  • His career journey starting as second-generation IT;
  • What excites him about technology;
  • The key problems facing organisations;
  • The lessons from a change in program sponsorship; and
  • What is a good project manager.

Through his roles as a leading ICT industry analyst, program consultant and architect, Sam obtained extensive experience in digital transformation, data science, as-a-service (cloud) computing, enterprise architecture (including service-orientation and information management), the open source market, enterprise applications and development, business intelligence, along with ICT management and governance practices such as ICT planning, strategic sourcing and portfolio management.

Sam was a major thought leader behind an ICT planning method, associated architecture practices and governance models, elements of which were adopted by the Queensland Government. He was commissioned in 2007 to lead the major revision of the Queensland Government ICT Planning Methodology (Version 3.0). and the development of Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) Framework (Version 2.0).

Sam is a regular and respected facilitator, panellist and speaker at both local and international conferences. He is widely published in industry journals and is regularly sought by the ICT industry press for his expert opinion.

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