Ep26 Unpack with JC – Emma Sharrock Interview

Last episode I caught up with Emma Sharrock. We talked about her book ‘The Agile Project Manager’, what organisations are struggling with when attempting an agile way of working, what shapes team success and the difference in a good and awesome project manager.

Today I talk about the growth of a project manager and our career decisions.

There is no one single path to project management and most of the people I know fell into their first project role by accident.
We all start off being good at the traditional project manager role – schedule, budgets, issues.

We then get the appetite to solve bigger problems and make greater impacts. This requires us to learn and grow to be leaders of change – to move up the scale of average to awesome.

Awesome project managers leave a legacy of high performing teams and outstanding results.

JC Three Tips

  1. Be self-aware, know your strengths
  2. Look for opportunities
  3. Maintain your network

My favourite Emma quote from our conversation ‘the language of trust, why I am asking’.