Ep38 Heart of Agile with Jordana Patterson

In this episode, I chat with Jordana Patterson who has championed the adoption of Agile principles and mindsets at World Vision Australia.

We talk about:

  • How she found herself in the project management arena
  • What problem she solved by adopting agile at World Vision Australia
  • The success story she is sharing with others
  • What she wants to achieve this year, and
  • How she gets time for herself while juggling family and work.

As Marketing Operations Manager, Jordana has a broad and challenging remit. Her role is part process design, part operations, part budget management, part portfolio management, and part team coach!

In addition to being ‘all things Agile’ at World Vision, she can often be found chasing two mini monsters around the house, baking up a storm or barracking for her beloved St Kilda football club.

Jordana has worked at World Vision Australia for eight years.  I really enjoyed Jordana’s honesty about work-life integration and it’s the moments that matter.

Connect with Jordana on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordana-patterson/

Email her at work: Jordana.Patterson@worldvision.com.au

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