Great teachers, forever grateful

I didn’t take a traditional education path to learn how to be a project manager or even thought this is what I would end up doing when I left school at 15.

I have always been curious, a problem solver, wanted to have a go at new things at work or put my hand up to volunteer at a sporting club. My career journey took a couple of windy steps from a butcher shop assistant to a sugar cane juice chemist to a sports administrator to a public servant to a consultant – I have learnt more about getting the job done, building relationships and team success than any four year degree could have provided.

I’ve had amazing teachers along the way to kick my butt when I needed it and push me to do more because they believed in me. I hope you get to spend time with dream believers and action takers in your career journey.

In early February I was in Brisbane for the Davis Cup and invited a few key people to a private dinner to recognise the role they played in my growth and to celebrate our shared success stories. A big shout out to Mike, Dana, Deb, Jacob, and Fiona who were able to join me. I am forever grateful for the memories, support and opportunities you provided me to learn and grow.

Invest time with the people who matter because anything is possible.

Cheers ~ JC

Written by Jeanette Cremor
Independent Project Consultant

Image source: Jeanette Cremor