Work with me

I help organisations shape initiatives and create successful project environments

I find areas at risk and plan the most effective way forward, providing you the information you need to make better decisions about your projects.

From reducing project budget leakage and optimising your return on investment to coaching your talent pool and protecting reputations, I bring an integrated perspective to every project. My input enables your leaders to do great work, encouraging strong collaboration that builds the kind of teams great projects are made of.

Proactive project management consulting that keeps you on track

Even on the smoothest road, unexpected obstacles can derail you.

As an objective and astute expert, you can trust me as your eyes and ears on the ground. I find areas at risk of jeopardy and plot your most effective route, providing everything you need to know for informed decision-making.

Impartial observation and candid questioning allows me to see things others often don’t in these four service areas:

Strategy Development and Program Planning

Are you solving the right problems, struggling to know what to prioritise, making the right decision at the right time? Are you scoping initiatives at the right size and speed to match your organisation’s appetite for change? Do you have a program blueprint that tells a clear story of what’s changing?

Business Architecture and Process Modelling

Do you understand your pain points? How do you know your business processes provide an efficient, streamlined and responsive experience for your users? Are you implementing a solution that will scale to meet your future business needs? Do you know who does what, why, when and for whom? Are you sure you’re providing value to your customers?

Leadership and Collaboration

Do you have the key ingredients for success? How do you bring together a diverse group of individuals to work together as a team and how do you ensure they commit to a common goal? Do you follow a methodology for the sake of it or one that adds real value?

Project Health Checks and Action Plans

Do you know when and why you are off track? When do you know you are on the road to success, what are you looking for? When was the last time you held a risk workshop? What are you telling your project stakeholders on your status report?

Group and individual coaching for project managers and teams

Projects are nothing without the people who lead them.

Tailored to your needs and initiatives, these in-house participative workshops uplift capability gaps and cover the nuts and bolts of project management like planning, reviewing risks, timely decision-making, maintaining scope, schedule, budget, and quality. But that’s not all.

Crucially, we also explore leadership skills and behaviours, and the importance of collaboration for stakeholder buy in and project success. Exploring matters through The Project Ecosystem™ model, you’ll learn how to widen focus from just ‘delivery’ to integration of key fundamentals. Attendees bring their own projects into discussion for collaborative problem solving, and take away actionable insights and strategies that make a real difference to their current and future work.

Individual coaching sessions

Even the most accomplished project managers can feel like rookies when it comes to maintaining control of conflicting priorities, stakeholder expectations, resource availability and budgets – particularly on complex, large projects. For responsible performance reporting and confident decision-making, project managers need a solid game plan.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Individual project management coaching sessions are a blend of face-to-face and virtual meetings delivered in packages of either 12 weeks or 12 months. We focus on action plans to build confidence and add techniques to the PM toolbox.

You’ll come away with your own list of actions to put in place and assessments you can use to check that progress has been made. At the end of the engagement, a coaching report will summarise the challenges, influences and successes we’ve shared, as well as recommendations on which external influences should be addressed.

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit

It all starts with a conversation. If it feels like we’re a good fit and you’ll get the benefits of the coaching relationship, we’ll book our first session, confirming objectives, focus areas and timings from there.

Group coaching sessions

The Project Manager, Project Team and Program Management Office may have technical knowledge and sound methodologies, but without the right leadership skills, stakeholders can be disengaged and projects can slowly deflate or grind abruptly to a halt.

In a two-stage engagement, I’ll assess your roadblocks, capability gaps, and problem areas, then develop a package the best suits your needs, combining coaching and workshops as required.

Support on your Project Sponsorship journey

You’re an experienced senior manager sponsoring a project you’re committed to, but your role isn’t clearly defined. When you’re not sure of responsibilities and you don’t know the answers (or even the questions) you need to know, I’m the independent expert you can trust to give the right advice.

Tell me about your challenges. Chances are, I’ve been there before.

We can chat about how best to tackle things – whether it’s ensuring no team member drops the ball; making rapid and reliable decisions to adjust the game plan (yet still stay true to the strategy), or recognising the tell-tale early warning signs of project failure. We’ll discuss the leadership styles required at sponsor level, the importance of building trust and key relationships, and the questions that should be asked to keep teams productive and accountable, so you can maintain the right level of governance and keep control of your investment.

It’s your game. Make sure the team plays by your rules.

Our informal private sessions will give you the sounding board you need to build confidence in your role as sponsor. Together, we’ll make sure you’re making the right decisions, at the right time, and with the right resources in place to keep you ahead of the curve.

With the opportunity to report progress and get my input as new situations arise, you’ll be equipped with timely insights and strategy suggestions, meaning you can dodge the hot seat, ensure the team’s on board with your vision, and steer your project confidently over the finish line.

It all starts with a conversation.

If it feels like we’re a good fit and you’ll get the benefits of the coaching relationship, we’ll book our first session, confirming objectives, focus areas and timings from there.