Ep01 Farm Girl to Project Doctor with Jeanette Cremor

Welcome to my first episode. I am your host Jeanette Cremor (or to most just JC) and I share my story from farm girl to project doctor (better known as project rescue and recovery).

Curiosity is my strength to continually learn and look for opportunities. I talk about the skills I gained from living on the farm, working in a butcher shop, studying as a sugar cane juice chemist, joining the public service and volunteering for AFL Queensland.

JC four career tips:

  1. Be self-aware
  2. Look for opportunities
  3. Accept diversity
  4. Maintain your network

With over 20 years’ experience in government, education, utilities and sport sectors delivering business change (linking people, process and technology) I created The Project Ecosystem ® a strategy and learning framework to support others in creating their project success stories. I talk about it in the next episode – strategy to operations.

You can work with me by engaging with my consulting services, educational programs, coaching and mentoring sessions.

If you don’t find me at a whiteboard, I will be with family and friends indulging in good food and wine or watching sport.

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