Ep09 Program Executive Lens with Mike Stapleton

In this episode I catch up with Mike Stapleton, Deputy Director-General Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

We talk about:
  • Using data to measure success;
  • The three things he looks for in status reporting; and
  • How technology is changing the way we live.

Mike was appointed as Deputy Director-General (Customer Services, Safety and Regulation) in January 2016 and is a Champion for Cultural Diversity.

He oversees the delivery of safety, regulatory and transactional transport services for the department. This division is critical to Queensland’s current and future transport system, managing the State’s regulation, marine and road safety, and frontline services for Queenslanders.

He held former positions at Transport and Main Roads as Deputy Director-General (Infrastructure Management and Delivery) & General Manager (Land Transport Safety).

Mike has worked in the state public transport sector in finance, general management, infrastructure management and delivery, and transport safety roles for more than 20 years.

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