Ep28 Unpack with JC – Shane Hatton Interview

Last episode I caught up with Shane Hatton, a leadership communication speaker, author and trainer. We talked about his book ‘Lead the Room’, what is good communication and how we can make an impact as a presenter.

Today I talk about how to prepare and facilitate workshops and meetings with confidence.

We have all had that thought not another meeting, turned up anyway because you were curious, didn’t feel engaged and walked away with no outcome.

Communication is key ingredient for project success yet we continue to struggle at being great at it.

I related to Shane’s model in his book – the platform leadership ladder – it shows how we communicate drives a direct result on how people feel. For example, people are more likely to be disengage or barely listen if we speak at them. Yet, people are more likely to feel engaged and trusted when we connect with them.

JC Three Tips

  1. Prepare, know the purpose
  2. Facilitate, engage the audience
  3. Follow up, decisions and actions get results

My favourite Shane quote from our conversation ‘do I have something valuable to say’.

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