Ep11 6R People Middleware with Leonie McCarthy

In this episode I catch up with Leonie McCarthy, Owner of 6R working with retailers on ERP (enterprise resource planning), PLM (product lifecycle management) and e-commerce projects. She focuses on setting up internal structures and skills so both the retailer and vendor get good results.

We talk about:

  • Working with your client and being the technology translator;
  • The challenges facing the retail industry; and
  • Making our customer experience simple.

Leonie has worn many hats from subject matter expert, business analyst and project manager. She loves building great teams, leading people through change and contributing to practical solutions that get to the heart of solving problems.

More recently 6R have been working closely with Accent Group digital team to deliver a whole ecosystem from new websites, integration with ERP and logistics including warehousing.

Check out how Leonie can help you, go to her website.

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