Ep17 Unpack with JC – Kasanndra Rotolone Interview

Last week’s episode with Kasanndra Rotolone was a chatty one filled with self-awareness gems. I was surprised she was inspired to be a Project Manager by watching what I did and that she now hopes to inspire other women to get involved in project management.

Today I talk about something very real for Kas and so many of us attempting to return to work as new mums (and dads).

I struggled with my decision to be a working single-mum, what others would say about me, would my daughter experience a sense of abandonment, was I doing the right thing, how do I work full time and have a strong trusted loving relationship with my daughter, if not me than who will pay the bills…

I hope this unpack episode empowers you to take the steps to go get what you desire and not live in the shadows of others – it’s your journey, you hold the pen to write your own success stories!

JC Three Tips:

  1. Don’t put your dreams on hold, you can have it all as a working parent.
  2. Talk to your support team and let them know what’s important to you.
  3. Practice self-love, fill your own cup before giving unconditionally to others.

My favourite Kas quote from our conversation ‘a happy project team member is going to deliver results’.

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