Ep18 The Human Side of Transformations with Greg Hill

In this episode I catch up with Greg Hill, a technology leader who has held many IT based roles across FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail and more recently Higher Education. He has often worked alongside Business Executives to help them deliver their strategies, through the use of appropriate Business Applications and Architecture.

We talk about:

  • His attraction to ‘A’ type jobs;
  • A recent project and why is was successful;
  • The challenges organisations are facing with ERP implementations;
  • What he looks for in a Program/Project Manager to give him confidence they can get the job done; and
  • What excites him about the future.

Greg has mostly worked for businesses that have adopted SAP as their core ERP solution.

Recently, Greg has started his own consulting firm, and is working with companies to help them realise the benefits and challenges that lie ahead transforming to cloud based platforms.

Greg can often be found presenting at user groups and conferences around the country, or delivering industry-based lectures to students. He presents the lessons he learned whilst working in businesses that were on the leading edge of cloud technologies. He is passionate not only about the technology’s available, but also the ‘human’ side of these expansive transformational programmes, along with the ever-increasing challenge of improving the overall user experience.

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