Ep31 Project Leadership in Action with Jeanette Cremor

In this episode, Jeanette is sharing something she strongly believes continues to get in our way of project success: a lack of leadership in action.

Success demands this leadership and we all have a role to play.

Research and surveys tell us that:

  • developing leadership skills of senior team members is a high priority
  • actively engaged sponsors are critical for achieving the project goals
  • poor or lack of communication is a significant factor for project failure

Today I am sharing the centerpiece of The Project Ecosystem ® – project leadership.

I believe this piece is the glue that brings everything together.

This section of The Project Ecosystem covers:

  • self-leadership  – who I am
  • practice leadership – what I do
  • approach leadership – how I do it

The first step to understanding the impact you are having on your team and stakeholders is self-awareness.

The more I work with Project Sponsors, Project Managers and their teams to create confident collaborators, influencers and leaders, the more I see the important role that a strong leadership has on the success of any project.

Download my program taster ‘Project Leadership in Action’ and book a lunch n learn for your team.

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