Ep34 Introduction to Season 2, Simplify to Amplify

Welcome to Season 2 Simplify to Amplify.

In this season we will talk about how to simplify your systems to amplify your results

If you are new to the show, thank you for joining me in 2020. If you are a regular from last year, I am thankful to have you here again.

Why the theme?

When I peel back the multilayers and complex conversations around the term “digital transformation” it is really about one or two things – time or money.
Business projects are the change vehicle to plan and implement your strategies (your big picture, your elephant).

You may be experiencing business growth, you or your team members are wearing multiple hats or there has been little attention given to the three business pillars – people, process and technology.

In this season, the episodes will cover four key areas to help you plan and implement your business projects:

  • Design your big picture
  • Plan with purpose
  • Stay on track
  • Lead your team

I am looking forward to this season, it is going to be a place to laugh, learn, lead.

Let’s catch up to map out your 2020, book time in my calendar.

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