Ep33 2020, looking to the year ahead with Jeanette Cremor

As we near 2020, this week we will talk about looking to the year ahead.

To help you get started in this episode JC shares a process from her Planning with Purpose workshop.

This repeatable process works for organisations and individuals:

  • WHY (strategy)
  • WHAT & WHEN (plan)
  • HOW & WHO (do)
  • BENEFIT (review)

Well done, you have a plan yet we know life happens and we can get distracted from our goals.

To stay on track, JC shares her tips:

  • Repeat the process every 90 days
  • Use the power of three
  • Allocate time weekly
  • Find an accountability buddy

If you are already looking to the year ahead and need help to map out your 2020, click here to book 30mins in JC’s calendar. She will give you a call to discuss what options would work best for you.

This is the last episode for Season 1 and JC plans to back in February 2020 with Season 2.

A personal message from JC

This podcast show has taken out of my comfort zone and I have enjoyed every minute. I know for sure without your support I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all 33 episodes – thank you!

To my interview guests, I am grateful for your time and for sharing your expertise with my listeners.

I’m wishing you all a safe and happy holiday with your family and friends.

Until next season, cheers ~ JC

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