Ep36 It’s Who You Know with Janine Garner

In this episode, Janine Garner shares her journey.  From her beginnings as a corporate executive to best-selling author, leadership trainer and internationally-acclaimed speaker.

We talk about:

  • Janine’s book “It’s Who you Know”
  • the four key people you should have in your network
  • why it is important to invest in the next generation of leaders
  • Janine’s new book “Be Brilliant”, and
  • how Janine integrates family and work.

Today more than ever we need people, teams, and companies willing to put in the extra work needed to be brilliant. We need leaders who are connected to their purpose in order to drive change. We need individuals brilliant enough to lead in today’s complex environment, so they can lead us into tomorrow’s unknowns.  This requires collaboration, transformation, and leverage.  And it demands better conversations, training, and connection.

Janine understands that everyone has brilliance waiting to be unleashed.

You will gain multiple insights for your team and business – grab a pen, strap yourself in and enjoy our conversation.

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