Ep37 Design Your Big Picture

I share with you in this episode how to design your big picture and the ingredients you need to keep you focused on achieving your goals.
What is your big picture?
You may also have heard the term blueprint or strategic plan. I love the term “your elephant” and it includes
  • 3-year view
  • Your goals, what you want to achieve
  • The pathway for the change
  • A list of projects
  • An outline of expected results including the quick wins
Why is it important?
Your big picture (elephant)
  • Tells a story for others to understand without the detail
  • Keeps focus for better decisions
  • Sets expectations of future priorities
How to create your elephant
I hear from people I work with this process also helps with their personal goal setting.
  • Think big, dream what could be possible and aim a little higher
  • Use pictures, words, symbols as a visual tool (vision board)
  • Scope projects and sequence them across the three years
Three Tips
  • Involve all staff, not just the subject matter experts
  • Research what is happening in your industry
  • Use an external facilitator to enable design thinking and challenge expectations
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