Ep05 Deliver Customer Value with Adrian Karzon

In this episode I catch up with Adrian Karzon, who is a passionate Digital & Technology leader thriving in business facing roles, making the connection between business strategy, digital innovation and technology platforms to deliver success for the organisation.

We talk about:

  • His career from accounting to chief technology officer at Kidsoft
  • Why there is a need for balancing features and technical debt
  • The importance of having a ‘customer-first’ approach.

Adrian brings a wealth of experience in the digital and technology space including designing, implementing, developing & improving processes & platforms.

He is so much more than just a traditional Information Technology Manager, Adrian is a highly strategic and forward-thinking leader whose passion and drive to succeed has seen him achieve great accomplishments in his career.

Adrian enjoys working with all levels of the team, from senior management, to front line team members, he is a natural people person and communicates well. Team growth and development, alongside a positive and inclusive culture are very important to Adrian and he strives to foster his passion and leadership amongst his team.

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